9 Web Design Trends For 2022 You May Not Be Aware Of Yet

The year 2022 is an exciting one for web designers. Predictions for the upcoming year predict several new trends and technologies to revolutionize web design in the next few years. Here are 9 innovative web design trends for 2022 you may not be aware of yet:

3D Web Design

In 2018, we saw a lot of new ideas for web design in the form of 3D web designs. The idea was to give users a sense of depth and dimensionality by using 3D models to create a more realistic and immersive experience.

3D web design has been around for a while but is still relatively new and has yet to take off. However, with the improvement in browser support, it might be time to give it another go!


WebVR is the next big thing in web design. WebVR is one of the most exciting trends in web design for 2022. It’s a new way to experience website design and apps that put you inside them, making it feel like you’re in the virtual world.

It’s a technology that allows you to create immersive experiences on the web by using headsets like Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive. These headsets work with websites to allow users to experience content in 360 degrees.

WebVR lets you create interactive experiences without building your own VR hardware! This means you can use any existing website as your canvas and still have access to a VR application’s functionality.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality is becoming increasingly popular with consumers and businesses alike. Augmented reality technology allows you to see things around you through a camera or smartphone display, making it appear as if an object has been added to your field of vision. This technology can be used for gaming, shopping, and many other things — but it’s still in its early stages, so it’s not quite ready for prime time yet.

Interactive Fonts

This trend will get stronger and stronger in the next few years. Interactive fonts respond to user input, such as mouse gestures or touch input. As you might expect, this creates an interactive experience for users who want to personalize their fonts.

Innovative techniques like these will be used to create more engaging design experiences for users. For example, you could use an interactive font to change the color of the text in a paragraph on your website based on what you type next.

Responsive Web Design

With responsive web design, the website adjusts to your screen size and browser. This means you can view content on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. More importantly, it’s a way to ensure that your website will look great on every screen. The best part about responsive design is that it can help boost conversion rates by ensuring that your site loads quickly for all users.

AI-Driven Pages

AI-driven pages are the future of web design. Artificial intelligence is already being used to make design decisions, such as how to arrange elements on a page and whether or not to show certain information.

There are several ways that AI can be implemented in web design. The most obvious way is through machine learning algorithms and deep learning software, which learn from past data and make predictions based on that knowledge.

Voice Search

Voice search is quickly becoming a huge part of our lives, whether for navigation or information about what we’re looking at on the internet. Google Assistant has become a household name because it can easily answer questions and provide information in just a few words.

The next big thing is voice search which understands natural speech patterns and contextually relevant information based on what you say or type into the search bar — no typing required!

Engaging interactives

In the last few years, web design has focused on user experience. It is important to remember that any good design should also be effective and engaging. The next big web trend involves integrating interactivity into your designs.

For example, consider a photo collage app that lets users create their collages by adding images from different categories or uploading their images. The app would then automatically organize those pictures based on user-defined criteria (like favorite colors or locations).

The user experience here would be engaging because users can choose from multiple options and customize their experience further with additional features like filters, text overlays, and more. This product type is just one example of how innovation can be applied to existing design elements without disrupting their functionality or purpose.

Interactive Content & Interaction

With the rise of digital content, interactive design is becoming increasingly important. The web has changed from a static medium to an interactive one, with users taking on a more active role in their interactions with websites and apps.

As a result, interactive content and interaction are becoming increasingly important for businesses that want to attract new customers or keep existing ones engaged.

Interactive content can be divided into two main categories: Rich media and native ads. Both types of content allow you to interact with the content you’re viewing on your screen — for example, by clicking on something or tapping a button.

Native ads are particularly popular because they’re designed to look like other elements on the page (for example, a news article). At the same time, rich media is usually limited to images, videos, and audio files that can be clicked through like links.

Ending Up With

This article sheds some light on the latest web design trends for the coming year. For each of these trends, we’ve explored how they work in practice and what they mean for designers and their clients. 

As it stands now, utilizing many of these innovative web design trends will only lead to better user experience or increased conversion rate. But they will allow you to explore new avenues and branch out from what people might expect from your website. 

There’s no need to panic or try to adopt every future trend immediately or even at all, but be open to the possibility of a change — things are likely to change quite a bit in the next year or two, after all. 

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