2 Unique Ways to Build Business Reputation in Your SmallFirm

In the modern world of business, few things are as important as enjoying a positive reputation. Research indicates that companies that are well thought of by consumers and in the wider marketplace can command higher prices for their goods and services. For example, prestige brands such as Audi and Nike can offer their cars and footwear at premium prices, knowing that there is suitable demand for these goods. Building such a strong brand image takes considerable time and effort. 

Larger firms may spend millions of dollars on PR and advertising campaigns almost continuously to cement their brand image and position in the marketplace. This level of brand and reputational building can not be achieved with the same methods for smaller businesses due to smaller budgets for such activities. Therefore, small firms must look for unique ways to build the reputation of their firm that does not rely on significant financial investment. In this article, two unique ways to build the reputation of your small firm will be discussed.

  • Deliver your goods on time

One key way to build a solid reputation in the eyes of your consumers is to ensure that the deliveries of your products take place on time and arrive in perfect condition. Customers increasingly expect timely deliveries and are less likely to use firms that result in delays in the shipping of their orders. It can be beneficial for smaller firms to investigate the services of dedicated shipping and courier firms such as shiply.com. Such companies can offer a range of delivery timescales and may be more suitable when sending large or bulky items (when compared to conventional postal services). 

If your small firm can build a strong working relationship with reputable shipping firms, this will help to ensure that you have a reliable delivery network for your products. This will increase the likelihood of customers making repeat purchases and give you an improved business reputation in this field. 

  • Exceptional customer service

It is also important to understand the value of building exceptional customer service across all parts of your business, not just in terms of delivering orders. For example, research indicates that 82% of consumers expect an immediate response to any questions or queries they may have when planning to purchase or find out more about an offer. Put simply, fast and comprehensive communication is a vital part of the wider customer service role, and effective communication can be incredibly important in improving the reputation of your small firm. Thankfully, technology can help with certain parts of this form of customer relations. For example, small firms can invest in chatbot technology to help automate part of this process when responding to common questions or queries. Chatbots use AI and machine learning techniques to allow them to direct customers to existing web pages on the company website that answer their questions. 

These “FAQ pages” can be invaluable in providing quick information that solves a customer question or query and is also a far more cost-efficient option than hiring a large customer service team. However, it must be recognized that chatbots cannot replace all forms of customer service at present. Occasionally, complex customer queries or complaints will be lodged that need a human representative to provide a full and satisfactory response. In short, having a small team of customer service representatives, supported by the automation of chatbot technology can be key to building a solid reputation for customer service and boosting your wider business reputation. 

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